Set up a partial (CNAME) zone to work with subdomain

Hello, Im trying to setup just a subdomain to work with Cloudflare.
I was told by CF support that I can only do it with the business account (or enterprise) via setting up a partial zone, so I already have the business account and begun working with the instructions on this link:

But since Im not an expert on this DNS zones configuration perhaps someone here can guide me on how to set it up.

I did create the txt record for verifying the ownership: (was done and accepted by CF)

On the Cloudflare DNS Manager I’ve created this record:
|A| | ip-address, it is the only one proxied.

As per the instructions link now I must delete / créate a A record on the server DNS zones.

I think I should delete the current one for the subdomain, it is a A record, subdomain-name | ip-address and créate a new one: A | | I dont know if the IP address should be included. If anything goes as I´ve written.

This is how it should be configured?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Am I right to understand you already enabled the CNAME setup for your domain?

In that case you would just need to add the record to Cloudflare and should then have a hostname which you can use for a new CNAME record at your authoritative nameservers.

What’s the actual hostname in question?

But the link you posted really has all the required steps. Just follow them and the setup should work. And no, you won’t need IP addresses, that’s the idea of a CNAME setup.

Hello Sandro, thank you for your reply

Here is what I got so far, this is in Cloudflare DNS manager

I think I should delete this record on the server side (the one with the red square)

and create (server side) a new record A with value:, the instructions say A or CNAME, is it ok with A?

What I want to achieve is that only what it is under catá is proxied via Cloudflare, leaving the main domain untouched.

I want to be sure that the steps are properly configured so I dont leave the service off line while I return to the original config and try again.

Thank you !

All right, the Cloudflare hostname is online

However, the configuration on your authoritative nameserver does not seem to be correct.

You’d need a catalogos CNAME record which points to the mentioned hostname, but you don’t have that - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Drop the A record and set up mentioned CNAME record instead.

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Yes, the récord on the server is not yet created so on that side must delete the current subdomain récord and create a CNAME récord with value

Should be this way? thank you

Precisely as I mentioned before.

Thank you Sandro, the récord will be added tomorrow early morning, as this: - Share Text & Images the Easy Way
I’ll let you know how it went.


Hello sandro, good day, the changes were made, the link you provided yesterday (DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool) shows that the cname record is resolving and propagating, in the meantime I not error when loading the site, and when loading I also see a page error, Im guessing is because of the same. ( Error 1001 Ray ID: 729a5bcc1ea12ee9 • 2022-07-12 14:09:46 UTC ## DNS resolution error)

Hi Ernesto, yeah, seems to work now.

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Thank you so much for your assistance.

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