Set up a custom domain for Pages was not success!

I tried to remove domain then set up a lot of times but it’s still in “Initializing” state forever.
I can access my pages through that domain but sometimes it show an error page something like “multiple IP conflic” message.

Please help!

The custom domain status is “Active” now. After a day of “Initializing” state.
Please close this Post, thanks Moderators.


I’m seeing it as active on my end, can you confirm it’s showing as active and working correctly for you too?

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It’s active and working now. (After a day of “Initializing” state.)
Thanks for your reply.

Just to be clear, this was not initializing for a day. There are lots of deletions here which means it kept having to go through being initialised (and looks like it was probably rate limited).

Deleting the custom domain after a few minutes or even an hour doesn’t help speed it up, it actually slowed down this whole process for you.

Maybe we should make that clear in the UI but regardless, just wanted to clarify.

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