Set something incorrectly - links

I think I may have enabled something in CF that has upset something. I think I have seen something in the config I think that replaces email addresses with a protective url but this isn’t the same I think. Is it obvious what is wrong?

We have an ERP that sends purchase order emails. In those emails is a link to a downloadable PDF. In the last few days suppliers have said that they cannot open the link with an error:

This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in



There is no DNS entry for You should create one and point it to the appropriate host.

I’m being dim - why is the link that the ERP is putting into the email being changed to this one that doesn’t work?

That’s a question for the administrator of your ERP.

They suggested that I ask CF…

If all your invoices are served from this subdomain, then ask them where it should point.

If the ERP vendor is creating each unique invoice in the format find a new ERP vendor.

If the URL format is supposed to be something like have the support person escalate to someone internally or to describe exactly why they believe Cloudflare is responsible for the URL being formatted incorrectly.

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