Set me up a CDN please!

Hello there!

Bluehost directed me here after they activated my free Cloudflare CDN (which is included in my Bluehost plan) and my live site just went gone due to the propagation process. So i asked to remove it since i needed the site live and runing.

Make the long story short they said to contact you directly and you can set up my CDN without that long period of sitelessness.

Thanks in advance!

ps. don’t do anything yet, please (not sure if you wanted to though) i’m just asking around how this goes and after decide what to do.

  1. Nobody here will set up anything for you, you will have to do this yourself
  2. Cloudflare is not really a CDN, but rather a distributed caching proxy service
  3. Your host’s advice was somewhat bad
  4. You really best check out to familiarise yourself with Cloudflare, should you really want to go down that route
  5. Use the search here too before asking any questions which were already answered a million times anyhow
  6. No, Cloudflare does not provide a free SSL certificate
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