Set DNS to resolve to worker

I’m trying to set my domain to resolve (to a worker).

www mydomain com works, mydomain com does not.

My A record is set to, CNAME record is * set to, worker route is set to

Am I missing a setting? Thx

Forum formatting messes up when you use a * too much. It looks like you’re trying to use **.

Unless you’re on an Enterprise plan, using a wildcard in DNS set to :orange: isn’t reliable. It’s supposed to be an Enterprise-only feature, but sometimes the dashboard glitches and allows this.

I suggest you use the actual hostname in DNS, such as ‘www’, and set it to :orange:. Same goes with any other subdomains you want to use for the Worker.

In my case, my worker responds to, and I use a Page Rule to forward ** to$1

In your case, I suppose the Worker Route could be mapped to ** as you describe, but wildcard DNS is the snag.

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