Set Custom Pages to Default?

I bought PRO plan for a long time ago and I edited custom pages. Now, I dont have PRO plan and I want to set my all pages to DEFAULT cloudflare pages. But still my old custom pages is showing up.

How can I set all custom pages to default?

I created a request to Cloudflare. Has been 19 days and still no answer :slight_smile:

Hi @emreires42 can you share the ticket number with us?
sorry for the late reply…

Ticket Id #1960081


thanks for sharing I will go and check that and let you know asap

Would you mind to share with me also a link with the custom error page loading?
Feel free to do that in the ticket if you don’t want your website to be public here.


Now, I dont use any custom error page. I didnt open under attack mode or something.
In ticket, there is some screen shots with custom pages.

yeah, I can see the pic that you sent, are you able to set under attack mode now, so I can give a closer look?

I opened under attack mode. After you check, can you please tell me? I have to close under attack mode again.

ready close it please

I did thanks for helping.

Waiting reply again :slight_smile:

replied! sorry that this is taking a bit more, we are checking that on our side, and I will update you here and on the ticket too!

ok can you check now one more time?

Hello again! I replied in that ticket too, feel free now to remove the custom page, and let me know if you have any issues!

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Still same. Waiting for you answer on ticket. There is no button or any option to set custom pages to default.

I have already answer on the ticket,


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