Set-Cookie: __cf_bm

Good evening I want to activate this option and I can’t succeed before I could activate it do you know how I can do this?

Set-Cookie: __cf_bm=bf7ff052f104da104094d2b8d22cd660bb92a0f6-1617910318-1800-AYnwfwpiRsVaEYFHS8pn8EP+QoQLD2DgvWaNX61Zn1QrGzP0v1PwqIEuoABA9YFIBOxguYwtNg7zyt8rwD4QEDo=; path=/; expires=Thu, 08-Apr-21 20:01:58 GMT;; HttpOnly; Secure

Do you have Bot Fight Mode enabled?

I activated but it doesn’t appear to me at all

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