Set Cache for Images (whilst also using APO)


I am trying to find a way to cache my images as much as possible (they are always what slows my site loading down)

I use APO for Wordpress but have to purge it regularly for various reasons.

That being the case I would like to set Browser Cache to be extremely high for images

How might I best do that?

Images are all located in various folders here:*

Would a basic Page Rule do the job or will I run into any issues because of using APO?



Images and other static files, such as JS and CSS, are cached by Cloudflare by default. You don’t need a page rule to set this. On Cloudflare’s Dashboard > Cache you can set the default TTL for browser cache. You can also set this value at your origin with a “cache-control” header, and Cloudflare will pass to the visitor’s browser whatever is the greatest amount between them.

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Browser Cache TTL page rule will work fine, APO is compatible with it.