Session timed out issues

One of our client has enabled cloudflare for his site now. But the sessions are getting timedout before few seconds, within 50 seconds too. Its having whmcs for purchase and seems session issue is affecting order. What we suggest to him?

Cloudflare’s timeout is 100 seconds. What shows on the screen when it times out?

Hm, if your client navigates to the Utilities -> Logs -> Admin Log, does it see it’s IP address or the Cloudflare IP? (check by

If he sees the Cloudflare IP, I think he would need to configure Trusted Proxy Settings.

Not sure if that could be related to sessions, but possibly, yes.

May I suggest reading and following the instructions from below articles, if the client already hasn’t yet done them?

Another way I believe would be to go and restore the visitor IP by following below article:

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