Session expired log in

Trying to add new site and when I did error message said session expired log in.
No problem, except that I am logged in!!! No login link only avatar showing I am logged in.
What is wrong with this posting box that it won’t respond to direction arrows for moving the cursor up or down a line for editing a typo???

May I ask, did this error appeared at Cloudflare dashboard / Community Forum or your own Website?

I am not sure, but I’ve seen this happenning and showing a pop-up with the same or similar message at Cloudfalre Community Forum from time to time (today once).
Therefore, page is reloaded (refreshed) and all working back fine - even the writing box saves the draft and opens it up again to conitinue writing.

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I saw it on the Godaddy website inside my account on the change nameserver page.

I am not familiar with this happening.
I am afraid this has nothing to do with Cloudflare.

You might want to ask GoDaddy support for more information regarding this issue.

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Godaddy helped me and the Cloudflare nameservers are in place with the domain. Is there anything else I must do? How soon will I be able to access the account? I believe propagation takes 24 hrs. Right? How soon after that will I notice faster load times?
Thanks again for the help!

May I ask you to share your domain name so we could re-check for the nameservers from our end too? Thank you in advance.

Getting Started Tutorials suggest following below setup steps:

Furthermore, later after success, you can enable options which you want to try out and use, like Auto Minify, Rocket Loader, HTTP/3, 0-RTT options, etc.

True, therefore some local ISP’s need more time like 72 hours to fully propagate the DNS records.

You may have to make some changes, or enable / disable few options and test test test and monitor the changes.

Nevertheless, it should be faster to the end-user in terms of a HTTP/2 at first sight.

Working fine from my end.

I see Cloudflare nameservers successfully propagated.

On WHOIS too:


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