Session_error and cURL error 28 after cloudflare setup

So miss hosting doesn’t want to help and say turn to cloudflare.
I get three errors
first is: an active PHP version discovered that’s need to be closed with session_write_close()

I guess this error raises the next two

second error: Rest-API gave an error, cURL error 28 ( http_request_failed)

third: your website couldn’t make a callback, cURL error 28 ( http_request_failed)

Did the cloudflare diagnostic but it only shows error for missing DNSSEC and DS records (haven’t activated DNSSEC)

It sounds like the Curl command is blocked somewhere. Does anything show in the Firewall Event Log in the Cloudflare dashboard?

Do you have any other type of Firewall installed? A plugin, or on the server?

Thanks for fast reply.
Wordfence is installed but no changes when i deactivate it.
Nothing in the firewall log. Shared hosting so no server acess.

Changed hosting to a good one, have everything set up but still get the same errors. But finally found the culprite billmate plugin som ställde till det.

That’s sure strange that the plugin began blocking requests once you added the site to Cloudflare.

sorry for the swenglish :slight_smile: yea , strange. I checked for session start in the terminal, found a few plugins that uses it, but the billmate was the only one to get the error when it is activated again.

google gave a lot of plugins that give the same error after latest WP update so it may be that the issue was there before and that i missed it/ the healtchecker missed it

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