Session duration

Hello. I’m longterm selfhoster and have Zero Trust Access set up with my selfhosted Wordpress application. However, i’d like to deploy new WebUI application that would have unlimited session duration time and would be avalible only to several people (through an app as well).

I found i can set up SSO (probably Google) so i would confirm my identity by simply clicking the “Login with Google” button one time. However, y’all can see if you periodically access your Gmail for example, you won’t get loged off. I would like to achieve same thing here.

Let’s say i would access the application through an android application every so often it wouldn’t log me off (here comes session duration to play).

Is there a tool in Cloudflare that could do it? Did i already found it (SSO)?

Not exactly what you described but a close approximation would be adding a Service Auth policy where you Include = Gateway.

Then only allow certain users to enroll into your account’s WARP client.

This would ensure that any user running your account’s WARP client would be allowed through. Everyone else would have to do an identity check through Google.

Thank you for reply. However, I’d like to achieve it without having any “VPN” client on the client side. I’m speaking about WARP. Is there a way without WARP?