Session affinity for DNS LB not available without cloud proxy


I have a wildcard DNS LB that round-robins traffic between 2 origins. I am trying to follow the understanding basics – session affinity docs and set up session affinity, so once a client connects to 1 origin, it sticks to it. The docs say session affinity is available without the cloud proxy, but I am unable to enable it in the Hostname section without enabling the cloud proxy. In the cloud proxy docs, it also says session affinity is available without the cloud proxy.

Is this a bug? Error in the docs? Just trying to clarify how this should work.

Session affinity is not available without proxy, as stated in the documentation.

Where does it say that? I only see the snippet saying it is not compatible with Client IP Fallback.

I can’t include links in my post, but under understanding basics - proxy modes it says gray-cloud DNS has session affinity support.

Good point, it does make the distinction. But I don’t see how it could set a cookie without the proxy.

Session affinity requires a record be proxied. There’s not anything in DNS alone which would support that.

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