SES for AWS verification, DKIM, Tracking Domain works for NONE of my CF sites

I’ve done a lot of these that are NOT on Cloudflare and they work fine. No issue, Verified, DKIM enabled, Tracking domain for “email” works fine. I’ve looked at the AWS documentation and nothing looks awry. I’ve tried switching the Proxy Status between DNS only and Proxied (where possible). It does not pick up the DNS TXT and CNAME records I add in Cloudflare.

Good idea on switching it to DNS Only, which is what I recommend.

Beyond that, make sure the two Cloudflare name servers on your DNS page are the same ones listed at for your domain. And then use to check your DNS updates.

It is weird. 3 I did today are now fine. 4 that I did before have gotten stuck.

Eric Cavanaugh

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