Serving Videos (Mp4/HLS) through Cloudflare

Hello All,

I have few videos in Mp4 and HLS format available in S3. But all those are Private… So i have added Cloudflare as a proxy between my application & S3 to serve videos.
I am able to do everything but while getting assets from cloudflare, i am getting CORS issues.
Its working fine on Browser or through Postman but with my application (react one) si giving me CORS issues.

I have already used requestOptions and setting up all headers like below but no help.
response.headers.set(‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’, url.origin);
response.headers.append(‘Vary’, ‘Origin’);

Hi All,
I am using cloudflare as a Proxy between my client application and S3. and using HLS to fetch the video from cloudflare. It is working fine if i am using the S3 URL but when i am using the Cloudflare URL, it keeps calling the same HLS segment URL again and again.
It is working fine for MP4 though…

Anything i need to do specifically for m3U8 videos in Cloudflare worker ?

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