Serving video files from R2?


I was reading with interest the blog post about the forthcoming R2 object storage since it specifically mentions media files:

R2 is also a great place for CDN assets and large media files

So does that mean you can stream media (video) files for free? You can stream video with S3, but AWS is happy with that as they bill per request and per GB. Whereas it reads like Cloudflare will only bill per request (at scale) and 0 per GB. Kind of sounds too good to be true. Does anyone from team R2 know more about whether that is permitted?

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Nobody’s responded, and I don’t see any mention of R2 in Terms of Service.

Considering that it’s not released yet, and I don’t see any documentation on it, you probably won’t get a definitive answer any time soon. But it sure looks like it’s being promoted for such a use.


Thanks. I couldn’t see any docs or mention of it either.

Guess have to wait for the beta to end for them to finalise it.

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