Serving static assets with cloudflare CDN in Wordpress

I am working new with Cloudflare,
In order to serve static assets in wordpress, how do I configure cloudfront to serve the same using a subdomain like or

I am aware that since Cloudflare starts managing entire site from DNS level they will take care of CDN serving wherever applicable but for assets to serve over cdn how can we configure it to serve through a separate subdomain like ?



I think that you can do what you want by proxying (:orange:) and/or unproxying (:grey:) your DNS connections, depending if you want to have Cloudflare enabled for that domain/subdomain or not, respectively.

You can do that in the DNS section of your domain in your Cloudflare’s dashboard.

Hope it helps!

You shouldn’t need to do anything special or different. If you already have a CDN set up, go ahead and use the appropriate URL in your page(s) that points to your existing CDN, and Cloudflare will copy/cache the files from your CDN and then deliver those to your website visitors.

It’s probably overkill/unnecessary to put a CDN behind Cloudflare - but you can if you want to.

If you want to proactively store your content on CF and then link directly to that, you might look at CF’s R2 buckets or Backblaze’s B2 service, both of those should allow unlimited egress without extra bandwidth charges.

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