Serving S3 folders based on subdomain

I’m lost here, been looking everywhere for a solution - not sure if its possible (through DNS).

I want to host static websites (through Backblaze B2, or S3) for my users. Each user’s site (all the html, css, js etc) will be within a folder on the bucket. They will then get a custom subdomain that I want to map to these buckets.

For example, a user uses my site, they are given a subdomain of

which will point to

Now I’ve done this with a worker’s script, where the script gets the subdomain and then returns the updated URL. The worker is routed through based on **, and I have a wildcard CNAME record on that points to the workers script.

When I myself access in my browser, it all works and the HTML file is returned. But when I add a CNAME to a different domain on Cloudflare, say, that points to I get a 522 error.

I don’t understand how I can access the domain, but when pointing to it from another domain with a CNAME it doesn’t work.

Is this the right approach for something like this?

Hi @user4389,

It sounds like you want something like this:

Essentially you can’t just point a CNAME at a hostname without that hostname being configured to respond to that.

Thanks, domjh, in the midst of the frantic research I did into this problem this morning, I did come across these solutions, but looks like they are still in beta?

Thanks for the answer though, I guess I’ll try signing up and see if it fits my needs.

I’m not sure what its beta status is. Though at the moment, I can’t add a Worker (or Page Rule) to match the hostname of an “add-on” domain. I get the usual “You need to include MYDOMAN in the hostname.” Meaning only the current zone’s domain, not a SaaS domain.

I have a ticket open on this and they’re working on it. Dom already knows this works on full-blown Enterprise SaaS plans, but it hasn’t trickled down to the SaaS For Everyone feature.

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Looks like I may have to look into either handling requests through an nginx instance or use Cloudfron with S3 and Lamba’s on the edge, as per: amazon web services - Serving a multitude of static sites from a wildcard domain in AWS - Stack Overflow

If you go to the SSL section on the dashboard for your domain, and click custom hostnames its there (costs $2/month per hostname). Haven’t tested it for my use case but thought I’d let you know!

Oh, I did that, and the site works, but Page Rules and Workers are tripping me up.

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