Serving From Cache Everytime - Even after new content arrrived


We have been using APO since last more than 1 month, And our site becomes very fast since it also serve HTML file from cache. But below are observation and issue, if you can address and helps us to address -

Now challenge is in home page same catgories we have called with same element there we can see the latest data. To solve the temporary issue, we are doing -

  • Either Ctrl+Shift+R from keyboard to bypass cached and cookies to get data from origin
  • purge cache in the Cloudflare for specific page.

We are facing this challenge only when we switched on APO, APO is improving site like anything but at the same time we are facing this issue since more than month, where everyday we have to purge cache for few pages.

From x google profile in chrome browser

From Y Google profilei n Chrome Browser

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