Serving files / images with spaces in their filenames from CF Workers Sites

Hi all,

let’s assume I have a file called “my example file.pdf” that I want to serve as part of my CF Workers Site.
At the moment (unless I am missing something) it looks like I will have to rename that file to something like “my-example-file.pdf”, otherwise the linked file’s name just appears in the browser bar and no download or file display (in the case of a PDF) is initiated.

This would appear to be true for images even.

Can anyone confirm this and potentially offer a solution for displaying files that have spaces in their name?

Just as an additional bit of information: My own webserver works fine with serving up files that have spaces in their name. Is there a reason this can’t be done with Workers Sites?

I think it might have to be send as encoded space %20, or it has to be related to URL Normalization settings :thinking: