Serving a subsite on HTTP, while the main site is on HTTPS

Hi, I want to serve one of my subsites as HTTP while my main site is on HTTPS, I’ve tried hosting it without HTTPS settings but it didn’t work as I got

, my SSL settings are set to “Full (strict)”, and if I turn them off my main site stopps redirecting correctly. So is there any way I can do this, or not?

Stay on Full (strict), it will pass the request to your origin using the same schema as the user enters.

You will need to make sure “Always use HTTPS” is disabled and then (on Cloudflare is best) set redirects from HTTP to HTTPS for your main site, and HTTPS to HTTP for your HTTP-only subdomain.

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Thank you, where is the “Always use HTTPS” option tho?

Can’t find it under “SSL/TLS”.

I already have it off, do I have to make another certificate for the subsite, but won’t it then just redirect it to HTTPS?

You don’t need a certificate for the subdomain if it’s just serving HTTP. I suggest redirect on Cloudflare from HTTPS to HTTP for it so the origin never sees HTTPS for that subdomain and has to give a certificate (or error) as a result.

If you can give the domain and subdomain, it can be checked directly.

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How to I do that?

The domains are: -

  • is redirecting from HTTP->HTTPS ok and the HTTPS request returns the page. is returning 526 on HTTPS - this is to be expected as your subdomain doesn’t serve HTTPS. You can leave it like this, or, as mentioned, add a redirect on Cloudflare to redirect HTTPS requests to HTTP. Depends on your reasoning for serving only HTTP for this subdomain.

For HTTP, is returning 403 so you’ll need to work out why that is.

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How do I do that.

It’s for a server fast download.

Like this in redirect rules…

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Thank you, it worked :blush: .

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