Services that are loading when I use Cloudflare Apps




I like the Cloudflare Apps a lot. I was actually waiting for it to be launched since the day it was announced.

Now I have installed some of them. It’s great. Although I wrote some comments on CF’s blog and some issues on GitHub. Minor ones.

But my question is why all these services and sites are loading and slowing down the site and increasing the load time while I don’t know what are they and why are they loading?

I could find these:
Google recaptcha

And there are more. Would you please tell me why these are loading? Which app run them and how can I do something to not lose the great load time that I had before the apps.

Except the Privy and Doorbell I think the rest of them are pretty simple apps. (?)

If it’s going to be like this, unfortunately I have to uninstall them. Sometimes the load time goes up to 14 seconds which was 1-2 seconds before the apps being installed.

Great day and thank you for your great services,


are you able to determine which of the installed apps is the culprit? You should be able to remove and re-install one at a time (testing after each). Once we know which app is triggering the unwanted behaviors the app team can dig deeper.


Thanks for the reply. Actually I had sent this topic via CF support and posted here just for test, but I couldn’t remove it. I guess there is no option.

In the ticket I have been asked to generate and send a HAR file. Should I upload it here as well?

I think Privy and Doorbell are causing these extra resources. Are you saying that if I’m certain of it they should be removed until the next update?


You should go ahead and just continue working with the support agent (since I would probably just bring it over to him/her anyway :slight_smile: ). Feel free to share the results here if you think it will be helpful to others.