"service URL is not valid" trying to set up Cloudflare Tunnel

CF Tunnel setup getting “service URL is not valid” no matter what I try.
Using [https://localhost:8001](https://localhost:8001/) in suggested example and HTTPS.
This looks like a CF website service problem. I’m trying to use my CF domain name. Thank you.

Other users also have this [issue](https://community.cloudflare.com/t/how-to-i-get-cloudflare-tunnel-to-accept-localhost-nextcloud-as-a-service-url/414417)


How do you have your URL setup? It looks fine for me

thanks, Im glad someone else has it working… but still not working for me with a *.bid domain I purchased from Cl


You have the URL pointed to HTTPS twice.
You don’t need to enter the protocol, as there is a drop-down to the left of where you enter the URL.

Yeah, just noticed that and tested.

The example should read [HTTPS]localhost:8001 or the URL field should recognize the protocol prefix and slice the string.

Thanks for your help.

Yeah, I’ll pass that feedback to staff.

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