Service Unavailable (503)


I just wanna ask about “downtime” on my site.

In a past 24h , there was too much of it:

Up 2018-11-29 09:50:25 OK (200) 1 hrs, 1 mins
Down 2018-11-29 09:46:05 Service Unavailable (503) 0 hrs, 4 mins
Up 2018-11-28 22:51:39 OK (200) 10 hrs, 54 mins
Down 2018-11-28 22:41:18 Service Unavailable (503) 0 hrs, 10 mins
Up 2018-11-28 17:29:48 OK (200) 5 hrs, 11 mins
Down 2018-11-28 17:22:20 Service Unavailable (503) 0 hrs, 7 mins
Up 2018-11-28 17:05:39 OK (200) 0 hrs, 16 mins
Down 2018-11-28 16:56:20 Service Unavailable (503) 0 hrs, 9 mins
Up 2018-11-28 15:44:36 OK (200) 1 hrs, 11 mins
Down 2018-11-28 15:41:14 Service Unavailable (503) 0 hrs, 3 mins

I’ve contacted my hosting site stuff and they answered me that on their service is everything looking good.

Please. can you provide me some answers and infos about this issues and, maybe, if I can prevent, what to do?

I’m on a CF “free” plan, site is

Kind Regards,

Thats probably not downtime but Cloudflare’s JS protection layer, which is served via a 503.

What are your security settings?

I haven’t change anything for almost a month.

Caching Level “No query string” - 20 days ago
Always Online™ “ON” 2 months ago
Auto Minify “All at OFF”
Page rule " Cache lever- Bypass"

DNS and HTTP Proxy (CDN)

Sorry, fast reading…
Security Level is set at Medium
no Firewall Rules

I’m on shared hosting and as I can see, some of my IP “neighbors” had same issues at the same time.

The best thing would be to whitelist the IP address of your uptime monitor.

My site is on top of this image, and full greens are HTML portfolios (I assume they don’t use CF, and they’re not on https.

Not sure what you are trying to say with that.

Doesn’t this look strange? 4 different sites have same 503 issue…
Hosting assure me that with their server is everything ok and this sites doesn’t work properly whole day. What could be?

As I said four hours ago that is probably the security layer.

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I didn’t change nothing in security (default settings) so I didn’t suspect on that.
Ok, I’ll look in security section and let you know about changes.

Thank you

Some suggestions in this tip on how to reach out to customer support on this error, Community Tip - Fixing Error: 503 Service Unavailable / Service Temporarily Unavailable

Once more, whitelist your monitor and check if it fixes it.

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@sandro Sorry, I’m not an developer (yet :wink: ) , did you mean on this?

@cloonan Thanx, I’ll use it if I notice issues again.

Yes, if that is the right IP address it should be whiteliste now and you shouldnt receive any such outage alerts any more, assuming you received them because of Cloudflare’s security layer.

But it’s not just an alerts, the site wasn’t functional and it was whitelisted by CF defaults. I really hope so that wan’t happen again, at least not soon :slight_smile:
cloonan replied with instruction link, so next time I’ll follow that and see what will be.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank you for fast replying

Well, you didnt mention that before. If it didnt work it might be your hosting provider but you would need to provide far more details in that case.

I thought it implies, didn’t thought it could be just a monitor issue. As I sad, I ain’t developer…just a beginner who owns 1 site :slight_smile:
And what should I look for more details (HAR+tracerute+? ) ?

You posted a link from a monitoring service, that did not imply the site actually didnt work.

Anyhow, a traceroute probably wont help much. For starters you should post the error you are getting.