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Hi there,
we have added cloudflare to our domain ( and we started to get [Service Unavailable (503) without cloudflare logo, meaning from the server.
i have readed all the posts regarding 503 error and i can see that none of the post have be realy solved?! cloudflare blame and cut&paste message that the customer need to conntact the server host and the host blame cloude flare.
we have try to handle some checks and we notice that when the site is bypass cloudflare the error can’t repuduce, when the Development Mode is back to off the 503 service unavailable is come up again…
the host doesn’t have any limit.
my question is, can maybe it happand becouse the host also have cacheing system? and then the server cacheing and then cloudflare, so we have doulbe cache? ot it doesn’t metter?
secound one, maybe cloudflare cache the 503 error message and it display the cached? when clicking refresh the error dissapear and the site is on.

thanks for your help

That should help, but I don’t get the 503 error

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