Service provider says Clouldflare DNS assigned are wrong


Hi there,

my service provider has tried to assign me the cloudflare DNS like amanda and zeus, but they say they can’t do this since their system says there is a mismatch, and the DNS should be instead terry and betty. So their systems are not allowing them to assign these DNS as requested by Cloudflare.

How is this possible ? Has it happened to anybody out here ?




What is the domain?


Now I have deleted the config from Cloudflare and the service provider is resetting the DNS to the default ones, since my web is not accessible.


Thats correct, it should be betty and terry. Where did you get amanda and zeus?


but now it is on betty and terry, and the site is not accessible and also the MX records are not taken. I had got amanda and zeus from my cloudflare control panel


Now I have removed the domain from cloudflare plan


Check what it says under the DNS section in your control panel.


I have removed the domain from the control panel now, but the control panel said:

tatus: Website not active (DNS modification pending)

Please ensure your website is using the nameservers provided:


Try to readd it and check which nameservers it shows.


Doing now…


still says amanda and zeus !


Maybe a UI glitch. I’d open a support ticket at this point by emailing them at support[at]. According to Cloudflare’s DNS it should be betty and terry however. Try to have these set in the meantime.


It’s now set to betty and terry actually, and the site is not accessible. So I’ve asked the ISP to revert back to their DNS to make the site alive. What is the email of the support ?


Are you sure all your DNS records are properly set?


What do you mean ?




Can you post a screenshot of your DNS section? Redact any possibly confidential data (e.g. IP addresses).


I’ve removed again the domain from the dashboard, because I need to have the site back asap - clients are trying to make reservations with us. So I’m waitiing for the standard DNS to come back.
If I re-add the domain to cloudflare dashboard now, it clearly now gets a wrong DNS setup, because we’re in the middle of a change…


The mix-up of the nameservers should be definitely clarified, but - assuming betty and terry are correct - if there are no DNS records it obviously wont work, hence my question. What you can do is open the ticket, wait for a clarification as to what nameservers you should actually use, and then make sure your DNS records are all properly in place.


You’re right. The idea is to wait for the standard DNS come back and then contact support, so they can see what the situation is. Many thanks for your help, Sandro!