Service interruption when updating SSL?


I purchased an Edge SSL certificate for multiple subdomains, everything works fine for months but I need to add new subdomains.

To do that, I need to delete and recreate a new certificate.
My question is quite simple: Will I suffer a service interruption during the SSL propagation ? Or does my old SSL will be still used for my customer access until the new one is provided ?

If interruption, is this 15 min ? or more hours ?

Thanks for your help !


I’ve deleted then re-added a $5 purchased certificate and it was instantaneous. No guarantee you’ll be as lucky.

Does it look like you can “edit” the existing certificate? I realize it’s really not an edit, but a re-issue. I’m hoping it will let you update, and won’t swap out the old one until the new one is ready.

I remember I did it already, but it was during a week-end, when we could handled a service interruption, I don’t remember how fast the new was delivered. Yes, you have to delete it and re-order (no charge)

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