Service impacted | Kathmandu, Nepal - (KTM)

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We have found cloudflare KTM is rerouted. As a result, most of the small isps are impacted because they are using cloudflare dns for their customers and few top online news portal are also getting slower. How long does it take to be live again ?

Kathmandu, Nepal - (KTM)Re-route


The Community does not have access to Cloudflare’s inner workings. As for an ETA, I’ve never seen one posted for anything that’s re-routed.

Which data center are you being re-routed through? You can enter to find out.

According to my logs, KTM has had 51 outages in total since 1st of December 2019, and the median outage lasted 0.36 hours, with the biggest outage being 58.82 hours (from 2019-12-17 02:18:50+00:00 to 2019-12-19 13:08:09+00:00)

So this is definitely an outlier in terms of outage time, let’s hope it’s not the new record!

Oh and by “outage” I mean re-routed, or a real outage, whatever means not available for customers.

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