Service for issuing SMTP credentials which we can use to email ourselves (and only ourselves)

Email Routing is a brilliant feature. Was able to ditch 3rd party email service I used to rely on for all but just a few domains. This is huge, big thanks! Especially for personal projects and blogs that don’t generate any money.

One need I rediscovered in the process is that I have a few mail boxes created on said 3rd party email service provider that I’ve been using exclusively for sending alerts to myself about certain important events, such as hard drive failure on my NAS.

The only purpose for that account is to send email to my personal email address and no one else in the world, it doesn’t need to receive incoming mails, doesn’t need to have web UI. And I really wish there was a feature of Email Routing or a different Cloudflare service that allowed me to cover that need.

So, I give it a recipient email address from a pool of verified ones that Email Routing can use, it gives me a set of credentials, IP/Port of SMTP server to use those against and a monthly quota and that’s it, I’m a happy man. Doesn’t even need to live on my own domain, so it could be done without setting up any additional DNS records. I can’t see how it can be abused and it will likely marry some developers to your suit of products even more.

It’s not exactly about routing, but Email Routing is the closest thing related.

Can we have something like this? Pretty please

couldn’t figure out how to tag it as a feature request

Post in the Feature Request Submitting & Feedback category and it is a feature request. :grinning:

There are already at least two topics there requesting such a feature. I like to :search: existing feature requests prior to submitting to avoid dilution through duplication.

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Ah, my bad, should have looked more carefully. I checked those that came up as I was typing in the title but none of those were about the same thing.

As for the feature request category, the “Feature-Request” tag in tag dropdown in the current category with a “New Topic” button on that page confused me. Not used to Discourse.

Thank you for your reply and for the links to related threads!

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