SERVFAIL, but still returning correct data in answer

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble with these domains:

E.g. dig (one of the above) @ returns with a status: SERVFAIL, but the answer section is still populated with the correct data. Naturally every browser and device I’ve tested with these domains - using the Cloudflare DNS - refuses to connect to the domain because of this.

Does anyone have a clue what’s wrong?

Probably a duplicate of Getting SERVFAIL for some subdomains of - #4 by mvavrusa and Unable to resolve Nasa domains - #3 by _az , your domains have the same Secure to Insecure on the same nameserver setup.

If you want to work around it, you could try ensure that DNSSEC is secured all the way.

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Thank you for your quick reply! I will forward your DNSSEC suggestion to the network admin. I will post an update if I come across any new information.

This should be now working, same issue as the other referenced topic.