ServerShield cloudflare plesk issues

Im trying to get all my sites that’s hosted on my Plesk Obsidian
Version 18.0.23 server (centos) to use ServerShield cloudflare, but some of my sites seems to being working but other sites are just not working with Error 1016 Origin DNS error and the app is not showing/letting me enable it for of all my subdomains?

Can you share the domain name?;;;;;

Hmm, that’s an entire buffet of errors being served up. Some load, some 1016, some connection changed, and some nxdomain.

Are these all hosted at the same host, same server? The errors are different but all seem to be dns related. For example, whatsmydns returned non cf IPs for I’d verify the contents of the A record for that domain is the ip of your origin server and that the record is :orange:.

all same server/ip is using the same IP address and dns settings as > A Record > Server IP > CNAME > > CNAME >

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Thank you, I looked at all the zones in your account and will share a private message with you regarding their status as some of the zones we’ve not discussed here.

Most of the domains are signed up via a partner and I don’t see the DNS records to be able to assist much with those sites.

However, the for the errors you’re seeing, like 1016, NXDOMAIN, if you search this site for the error & #CommunityTip, (1016 #CommunityTip), the tips will give some ideas of things to troubleshoot.

These are looking good after DNSSEC was removed, are you still seeing any issues?

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