Servername has been re added for our domain, but in Cloudflare, the site is showing as moved

Domain was renewed, we had to re add the nameserver of Cloudflare, but the status in cloudflare is still showing as Moved.

What other actions need to be taken in this case.

It’s possible you need to use different name servers than last time. Is there anything on your dashboard that shows you which name servers to use? Either in the Overview tab, or the bottom of the DNS tab?

The overview page it totally blank, in DNS, we have these info which were used before:



We used the same NS mentioned above

What’s the domain?

WHOIS from your registrar is set to Algin and Rosa. That’s why it’s showing as Moved. Perhaps you have another account where you added that domain. But you’re certainly welcome to go to Safenames and set your name servers back to Bella and Brett.

Seems it`s working now!!! I believe it takes extra time to propgate

Domain and emails are working now, but status still showing as moved in CF

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