ServerException: HTTP/1.1 524


I use an audit services for my Joomla sites. The service runs automated audits or I can run them manually amongst other things

The audit failed today on the 2 sites that I have added to Cloudflare.

ServerException: HTTP/1.1 524 returned for “/plugins/system/bfnetwork/bfnetwork/bfAudit.php”.

I have asked the developer for advice but just wondered if the solution lies within Cloudflare?



Hi David, thanks for your question.

Have you reviewed the following material on 524 errors?

If you still have questions, please let us know.

Hi Erisa

The service works as it should if I return the nameservers to their original settings.

I will raise a query with the hosting company and update this post if they provide any relevant information.



Just a quick update. The issue was caused by a change in smtp settings which I have since corrected.



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