Why does my server say it is in the United States?
We tried with this program
Shouldn’t he be in Italy?
thank for support

Please check out #Tutorials, in particular

Why does my site return a US IP address?

is it possible to change it?

Did you read the article? You cant change that, but it doesnt matter either.

I read, thank you, shouldn’t he be in Italy? and then spread it around the world

The machine you’ll be connecting to will still be in an Italian datacentre.

But the request comes from USA?

No, the request will still come from that datacentre. Again, please actually read the posting and the linked article. It is all explained in there.

So is everything set up correctly?

From a DNS perspective, yes.

Grazie mille Sandro
Many thank Sandro

I had doubts, I thought there was something wrong

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