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Most subdomains of my website are behind Cloudflare (orange cloud), a few subdomains are not (grey cloud).

Now, users on the network (mobile and fiber) can’t access the subdomains with the orange cloud. Grey cloud subdomains work fine. This is almost certainly an issue by salt and not by Cloudflare. Users on the salt network can access other websites that are hosted through Cloudflare, examples include: handelsblatt, 9gag, medium and codepen.

So far, salt hasn’t replied with anything helpful, they state that they block access to the website due to some new Swiss law. In one ticket they mention it could be related to sharing the same IP with a website that is related to gambling, but in the latest reply they just mention there is not fix from their side and don’t mention any shared IPs anymore. Well if you use a CDN or cloud services, it is expected that IPs are shared.

Especially interesting is that other Swiss providers still allow access to my website, no other provider is known to block access. (BTW: my website doesn’t feature any “adult content”, “gambling”, or anything remotely illegal or not suitable for children etc.).

Well this all sounds quite dodgy, I know. But I was wondering if anyone is experiencing similar issues or if there are possible fixes to this? Would it be possible to for example change the zone of my website in Cloudflare to get different IP ranges (not sure if this is related at all, I am just guessing…)?

BTW: this post might be related to this one - Site unreachable from specific mobile provider - but in the end it was mostly about AT&T and seems fixed, so I think it’s something else.

Someone at Cloudflare moved my app to a different IP range and it fixed the issue.

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Thanks for the swift reply. I opened a ticket but was told that it’s not possible to move my domain to a different ip range.

I was told that with a “bring your own SSL certificate” on the business plan it would be possible to get dedicated IPs.

Maybe any of your knows if the same would work for a dedicated SSL certificate as well that can be added to other plan levels as well?


Do a search to find out which blacklists the IP addresses are listed on and request takedowns from each. After that cleanup, if needed, submit the proof if it’s actually still needed (if it’s not due to, as per your example, AT&T). Bandwidth as a whole is being severely curbed by many ISPs and Mobile Networks, so that too may be an issue.

I am not sure how to do that. I am not on the salt network myself. I don’t have an option to connect to their network, I don’t live in Switzerland. The issue seems isolated to their network.

Run a search using something like (your IPs) blacklists on DuckDuckGo from within Switzerland by selecting Switzerland as the search region. Remove the parentheses. Or just check manually on sites like - I doubt Switzerland maintains its own IP blacklist. Though stranger things exist.

How do I find these IPs? The issue exists for Cloudflare’s IPs and not IPs of my servers. Probably a site that is blocked in Switzerland gets the same IP ranges as my site.

It’s not related to Switzerland in general, it’s only one swiss ISP ( that blocks requests to my website. No other issues are reported currently. My traffic statistic does not show a significant change.

Edit: this topic was closed, but I just heard back from Cloudflare that they were able to resolve the issue with Salt. I am not sure if this is only for my website or for other websites as well. If you are struggling with this in the future my ticket number is: #1856337, this might help for future reference.

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