Server too far?

Hi There, I am a PH customer and I can see that there are MNL and there is another server at CEB but unfortunately what I am connected with is at JP. Is this an ISP related or Cloudflare related, can you also confirm with my ISP?

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It’s ISP related. Their connection to the rest of the world is quicker to JP than to MNL.

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Cloudflare is an anycast network, so their routing decisions are controlled by peering relationships with local ISPs and telcos. You can encourage your ISP to peer directly with Cloudflare here: and the linked peering DB can give you some idea of where your provider(s) are peering today.


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Thanks everyone. Will contact ISP and will have this linked.

@OliverGrant, Thanks for the information. I have seen based on bgp routes online that my ISP (Converge ICT Inc. / Comclark) has a direct peering with Cloudflare. I also believe they had already sent my request to the concerned department but I am on residential plan; and I haven’t recieved any feedback on them about this.

However, I would appreciate if anyone from Cloudflare would do some nudging on them. Thanks!

Can confirm that Cloudflare (Converge ICT) is now throwing my request to their MNL colocation server.

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