Server timed out

Error 522: “The initial connection between Cloudflare’s network and the origin web server timed out”
That’s what shows when trying to access my web site on my NAS. That is new because it worked before for several months. And all I did was reset my router that is in front of my NAS.
Port forwarding is set as before, I think. But what else could cause this new strange behavior. I am at a total loss.
By the way, I have no problems accessing my site locally via my network.

This probably made your router getting a new IP and you most probably have not updated it in your Cloudflare DNS setting.
Please consider setting up a dynDNS with Cloudflare. For doing so please use Google.

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I wish it were that simple. My router has the same IP as before. Somewhere else I read to test with same problem, i.e. site times out but Cloudflare is not involved in that case.

Then please try to connect with the IP directly and see if you can reach your services at the chosen ports.
If it does not work with the IP directly the error must be on your side. If it works directly but not with Cloudflare the error must be here and we should debug this further.

The reply I am getting is not my website but a message from my NAS. To rule out Cloudflare I would have to change my DNS settings on Google. I am not ready yet to do that but to be honest, I doubt that the problem is Cloudflare.
I was hoping to get feedback from experienced users on what else to check on the router settings.

A better approach would be to “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview page, lower right corner. That would put your domain into DNS-Only mode, thus pretty much taking Cloudflare out of the picture.


That was extremely helpful!
Yes, by pausing Cloudflare my site comes up properly!!!

So it is my Cloudflare connection after all. How can I fix that?

I just tried it again and it still does not work:

I enabled Cloudflare and I got the dreaded 522 error.
I disabled Cloudflare and it is working again.

No idea what is causing it or how it can be fixed.

I observed something else: with Cloudflare enabled I received a lot of hits trying to get illegal access to my site.
After disabling Cloudflare not a single hacking attempt.

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