Server Theft

Despite my explanation on the phone, the CSR insisted people in the community have my personal data. (Not even joking)

I had a robbery last night and a server was stolen, I’m trying to find out what digital fingerprints Cloudflare might poses that would assist the police in tracking.

What would Cloudflare have on a server you owned?

If you procured the server through a reseller, your invoice should have the serial number. Do you have a service tag ID?

You’ll want to provide the police with the easiest thing to match. Physical markers are the best for that.

Keep in mind, that they’re only going to be able to return the server to you if they find it among suspected stolen property at a future point of time.

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Yes, I have all of the physical number, but we have a rough idea of where it’s going and were hoping to see it go online at it’s “new” location.

Yeah, no. That won’t happen unless the thief doesn’t know a thing and it doesn’t clear the content out. And even then it’s still very hard, if nothing is pinging out.

It’ll ping out. If the police are right about the suspect, they’ll be to stupid to dump the drives first.

Then if the ping includes an IP and there is a suspect it’s a different thing :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me what number you called/with whom you spoke? I can correct their impressions. The Community cannot see any of your details aside from your Community handle and any information you opt to share in a post. Sorry you were given incorrect information.