Server Side Rendering with PlanetScale and Edge runtime

Hey there!
I’m currently trying to develop a webpage with a data the being fetched in the getServerSideProps in next.js, with planet scale (with the @planetscale/database library, this library support edge runtime).

I uploaded the website to Cloudflare Pages, but I get this error when I open the page:
“Error: Some functionality, such as asynchronous I/O, timeouts, and generating random values, can only be performed while handling a request.”

Please someone help me I really need this help.This is the code:

export const getServerSideProps: GetServerSideProps = async ({
}) => {
const config = {
host: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_DATABASE_HOST,
username: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_PS_USERNAME,
password: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_PS_PASSWORD,

const conn = await connect(config);

const query = SELECT * FROM blogs WHERE slug = 'testing';
const result = await conn.execute(query, [1]);

let blogData;
if (result.rows.length > 0) {
const firstRow = result.rows[0] as { content: any }; // Add type assertion here
blogData = firstRow.content;

return {
props: {
data: blogData,

Worth saying it works perfect in my localhost…