Server-side Excludes (SSE) and Cache Eveything



Does Server-side Excludes (SSE) still parse as expected per user when using cache everything for all html pages?


Yes - processing of these type of features (SSE) works on both cached and uncached HTML content.


Awesome, thanks for confirming.


Hello, I am new here, I don’t know how to ask my own question and I cannot find a similar question here.
My question related to SSE is:

  • How can I test the SSE implementation? I would like to see the website as if the sse system had kicked in, to see if anything breaks, or if I forgot to exclude domething, etc.
  • How can I post my own questions? I have been looking everywhere here but I cannot find a button to create my own question
    thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Ok, apparently my account was too new or something, I now was able to create a question of my own, sorry for the spam here. If you are insterested in the question it is here:


Can we hide google adsense ads using Server-side Excludes?