Server-side Excludes (SSE) and Cache Eveything

Does Server-side Excludes (SSE) still parse as expected per user when using cache everything for all html pages?


Yes - processing of these type of features (SSE) works on both cached and uncached HTML content.


Awesome, thanks for confirming.

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Hello, I am new here, I don’t know how to ask my own question and I cannot find a similar question here.
My question related to SSE is:

  • How can I test the SSE implementation? I would like to see the website as if the sse system had kicked in, to see if anything breaks, or if I forgot to exclude domething, etc.
  • How can I post my own questions? I have been looking everywhere here but I cannot find a button to create my own question
    thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Ok, apparently my account was too new or something, I now was able to create a question of my own, sorry for the spam here. If you are insterested in the question it is here:

Can we hide google adsense ads using Server-side Excludes?

I came upon this question regarding Google Adsense randomly while doing a bit of research on Server-Side-Excludes. In my opinion, and I believe those of most site owners, attempting to ‘hide’ any ad, analytic, tracking, etc. code is simply unethical. Again, this is my opinion and I’m only speculating regarding the owners of other sites.