Server side caching & registartion

I am building a website that has a webinar plugin. On this website, there is a registration box where it registers users to the database and sends reminder e-mails. I was wondering if server-side caching could affect the registration. How can I prevent it? can I cancel caching completely? Any suggestion is welcomed!

A proper server side caching configuration shouldn’t affect POST requests, but Cloudflare has nothing to do with any caching config on the server. Its configuration is completely up to you and your host.

Thank you for your reply, Well to be honest I don’t know much about any of this. I have the option to cache on the server-side by Cloudflare, Varnish, Redis, and another caching plugin in WordPress. All this will be on a cloudways, DO server. I want to keep it simple and be able to do fast PHP requests so that I can get the data of the registered users and log them in quickly. Expecting 2000 visitors to login in like 5 minutes, so there will be a traffic surge. Any input is really valuable to me. Thank you.

If it’s actual logins (not just browsing visitors), then Cloudflare and Varnish aren’t going to cache pages. Redis will help a little. And Cloudflare will cache Images, CSS, and JS, so that’s a big help. But processor-wise, 2000 logins in a five minute period is going to be quite a load.

In default configuration, Cloudflare never caches pages, so it will not interfere with registrations.

Thank you Sdayman for sharing your expertise. It should be actual login. Visitors will enter the page register prior to the event, and later on the event day, they will log in using their e-mails only. If their e-mail is not in the database, they will have to register again. This should be actual logins, right?

Lastly, as a server spec, I plan to go for 4GB ram and 2 CPU cores. Should I consider a higher spec?

Yes, so no page caching.

That’s a conversation you should have with your host.

Thank you for you help!

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