Server-sent events buffering

In about the last 24 hours, my endpoint for Server-Sent Events stopped behaving correctly. It seems that Cloudflare started buffering output and waiting until the end (browser received full buffered output after 5 minutes) - which is not valid for SSE endpoints. Has Cloudflare rolled out some update? Is there anything how can I fix this?
When I change DNS settings and connect directly to my web server, SSE works. I checked the audit log and nothing was changed in the settings.



I have the same problem currently. My chunked encoded pages are being treated as normal HTTP responses and that is breaking my workflow.

Please, CF, post a response on this so we know if it’s a policy change or temporary mishap.

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We also have the same problem. Also breaking for us.
Have any of you found a way to resolve it?

Until this is fixed, I just created a new subdomain without Cloudflare proxying for my SSE endpoint. But I’m not very happy with this workaround as it published our server IP address.

As suggested in this post:

Creating a rule that bypass the cache for the SSE endpoint solves this problem.

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