Server Selection for the new Speedtest

The new speedtest ( seems to give me very accurate results so far.

As stated in the FAQ, the service is meant to work as an alternative to existing speedtests, like

However, a crucial feature which is missing is the server selection. Occassionally the auto selection picks a server in a different country, than my IP, which I would like to be able to correct by switching the test server.

Thanks for the tool! It works well so far and the Cloudflare infrastructure is a major plus point for testing.

Why do you need this?
The difference between and is, that everyone can provide a server for and you do your test with one of this provided servers. In contrast to this, i think cloudflare will use it’s CDN network to get the best / fastest server for your geo location to do the test.

Yes, from what I can tell it runs on the CDN infrastructure, which is the major advantage.

What i was talking about is the automatic server selection. Several times when being connected via a VPN (physical and virtual location Frankfurt) it picked testing servers in Amsterdam for example, eventhough that is far from being the closest server.

hello firend
could you fixed your problem?
All CLoudflare services connect me to a server on another continent and I have a high ping