Server Response Time Problems

Hi, we are trying to speed up and pass Core Vitals for our site . Our problem is that despite it is optimized, our server response time is very HIGH for all our pages. Even for a page with only text, like

We use Siteground Hosting with Wp Rocket, Cloudflare DNS (with orange cloud activated) and Bunny CDN (because Clousflare CDN did not worked ok for us).

Can anyone help to us?

Hi @cargarm3 ,

That Depends on the Plugin you use to Load

Themes, plugins, and server specifications all contribute to server response time. Consider finding a more optimized theme, carefully selecting an optimization plugin, and/or upgrading your server.

The Core WEB Vitals - :x:
The Perfomance Score - 100 :white_check_mark:
Performance Score 100 is absolutely FINE

The Server Response time depends on Plugin as already said , Try Seeing which Plugin cause more Server Response Time or Replacing it with Other Plugin’s .

Also , Cloudflare Diagnostic Result - Look’s Great

Here’s a very good information about your issue !

Any More Questions ? Feel free to revert back

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Thank you for asking.

Kindly, may I ask you to follow the instructions how to propperly setup WP Rocket while using Cloudflare as follows on below articles:


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