Server Push working/not working depending on client


I’m using Cloudflare with full site caching (HTML caching) and server push is sometimes working/not working depending on the first request and load of the page. Requesting the page in some clients it cause the server push headers gone from the response.

Why? Any solution?

I take it you’re not seeing it in a Link preload header. So you’re not seeing a cf-h2-pushed header either?


I checked it in both Chrome Dev-tools, GTmetrix, etc and sometimes cf-h2-pushed header appears as it should, containing all the assets, but sometimes not.
It occurs especially if I load a page with Google PageSpeed Insight. Maybe PageSpeed Insights is a client that doesn’t support server push, so then Cloudflare miss it from the cache?

I’m stumped. HTTP/2 Push is a bit of a black magic area for me. I’ve tried it but hadn’t found real gains from it.

What’s weird is GTmetrix says first page load was 28K and the next was 126K, yet the Waterfall numbers are very similar.

Maybe @cs-cf can provide some insight.

It seems that GTmetrix treats server push this way, they don’t calculate in the pushed assets, this is why it’s only 28K.

Anyway, I really don’t know where the cf-h2-pushed header is gone.

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