Server not understanding MX record

A couple of companies that I deal with regularly are now unable to send me emails as they consistently get bounced. I have spoken to my hosting company and they has said this… “So, based on the second bounceback error message, the server they are sending from is not able to understand the hostname listed in the MX record. You may need to speak with CloudFlare if the hostname can be changed or left unmasked and unproxied.”

Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

What’s the domain?

Your MX record points to a hostname that’s set to :orange: Proxied. It should point to your ‘mail’ subdomain, like and the “A” record for ‘mail’ should be :grey:. Click on the :orange: to toggle it to :grey:.

If your MX record points to your apex domain (the same hostname as your website), that’s not going to work well as long as Cloudflare is proxying that record.


Should I have any proxied items in the records?

I am still getting bounceback errors when certain people/companies try to email me, and now my mobile wont connect to my server. This is really driving me insane as I don’t know enough to really know what I am doing. Any ideas?

You now have an MX record that says, but there is no A record for mail. You need to add an A record for mail, give it the IP for your mail server (which might be the same as the IP address for the root A record), and make sure that mail is :grey:


Okay, I think I have set that up. I am so confused as to how all this was working only 2 days ago and I have done nothing to the settings before they stopped working.

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