Server not found

Please guys I need help, my website is not functioning and I don’t know what to do. Please help.

It looks like you set your domain’s IP address to something at Google.

Go to your Cloudflare DNS settings and set them to :grey: and see if that works.

Hello, working

but not working.

Go to your Cloudflare DNS settings and add www cname record for your domain.

At the same time, your domain name seems to be directed to google, your domain not working in hosting.

Thank you for your reply. Honestly I’m confused. I don’t know my CNAME record. Could you help me rectify this issue? I’ll give you every information you need.


Go to your dashboard in Cloudflare and select your domain name :

Then go to the DNS section of the menus above.

You can then create a CNAME record as I have show in the picture below.

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Thank you so much. The site is working now. Thank you.


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