Server not found yet dns looks fine

I have a website on a serverpilot server (ie several sites on apps on a single server). SUddenly is failing with Server Not found. I have an A record for which I know is correct. I was having a problem with the mx record which should have resolved now (mail provider messed up and cancelled the account) but I cannot get this site to work.

Registrar says the domain has been suspended.

Yet namecheap says its due in Jan 2020 and is set to autorenew. I moved from JustHost leaving an email account and they just shut that down erroneously. I suspect tis to do with them. Man they are useless!

It seems I fell foul of recent regulation about registrant details. I hadnt changed it since I took the domain over 6 years ago and the existing details were not valis almost immediately. No problems until this issue where the domain was suspended. I’ve learnt my lesson.