"Server Not Found" when visiting my free, Cloudflare-provided domain (from CF Pages)

Hi. I’m using Cloudflare Pages with a GitHub repository, and I can visit sub-domains for individual commits (e.g. https://c39a510e.inspect-error.pages.dev) but can’t access my top-level domain (https://inspect-error.pages.dev).

I don’t even get a status code back—or anything at all.

I’m new to web development, so I could be wrong, but this smells like a DNS problem to me. However, I’m not using a custom domain, so I don’t see where I could’ve gone wrong or how to debug the issue.

It loads fine for me and I can see the DNS record. If you are still having issues then see if you can lookup the DNS record for it.

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It loads for me, too, now. IDK what changed. I did put my computer to sleep for a while, but I didn’t restart Firefox. But, hey, if it works, it works. :smiling_face:

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